Voices of Jewish-Russian Literature

An Anthology

Voices of Jewish-Russian Literature
Edited by Maxim D. Shrayer

Paper 978-1618117922
960 pages

Academic Studies Press

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This definitive anthology of major nineteenth- and twentieth-century fiction, nonfiction and poetry by eighty Jewish-Russian writers explores both timeless themes and specific tribulations of a people’s history. A living record of the rich and vibrant legacy of Russia’s Jews, this reader-friendly and comprehensive anthology features original English translations.

In its selection and presentation, the anthology tilts in favor of human interest and readability. It is organized both chronologically and topically. A comprehensive headnote introduces each section. Individual selections have short essays containing information about the authors and the works that are relevant to the topic. The editor’s opening essay introduces the topic and relevant contexts at the beginning of the volume.

Over 500,000 Russian-speaking Jews presently live in America and about 1 million in Israel, while only about 170,000 Jews remain in Russia. The great outflux of Jews from the former USSR and the post-Soviet states has changed the cultural habitat of world Jewry. A formidable force and a new Jewish Diaspora, Russian Jews are transforming the texture of daily life in the US, Canada, and Israel. A living memory, a space of survival, and a record of success, this anthology ensures the preservation and accessibility of the rich legacy of Russian-speaking Jews.

Praise for Voices of Jewish-Russian Literature

"Stunning work...not to be missed by anyone interested in the meeting of the Jewish and Russian spirit."
—Robert Louis Jackson, B.E. Bensinger Professor Emeritus of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Yale University and author of Dialogues with Dostoevsky

"Moving beyond all essentialist and cultural definitions, Shrayer points to the elusive quality that makes this literature specifically Jewish and this anthology required reading for any Russianist. The quality Shrayer identifies lies in the truth this literature tells about Jewish history and life—the truth which a religious Jew may not look for and a non-Jew may not see."
—Roman Katsman, Professor of Literature of the Jewish People, Bar Ilan University and author of author of Nostalgia for a Foreign Land: Studies in Russian-Language Literature in Israel

"A major contribution to our understanding of key role played by Russian Jews in both Russian and Jewish culture. It is absolutely indispensable for anyone with a serious interest in the subject."
—Samuel D Kassow, Charles H. Northam Professor of History, Trinity College and author of The Distinctive Life of East European Jewry

"For scholars of Jewish and Russian literature, an indispensable vademecum."
—Patricia Herlihy, Professor Emerita of History, Brown University and author of Odessa: A History, 1794-1914

"There is no living scholar better-equipped to examine the legacy of Jewish-Russian literature than Shrayer. His creative and editorial work in this field has both sustained and re-vivified its legacy for future generations."
—Holli Levitsky, Professor of English and Director of Jewish Studies Program, Loyola Marymount University and editor of Literature of Exile and Displacement