Maxim D. Shrayer with the 2014 Workshop Fellows

South Chatham Writers' Workshop

Testimonials from past participants

"Each section of the five-day workshop was prepared for by writing a short essay with specific directives in addition to required readings. The three-hour sessions were organized and very well structured with lively discussion and valuable assessment of each individual's essays. This was interspersed with refreshments and old-world hospitality, which included a delicious luncheon on the final day in celebration of our accomplishments. I would highly recommend the South Chatham Writer's Workshop to anyone who wishes to gain insight into creative writing and the recognition of good writing from others. Dr. Shrayer is the quintessential professional and keeps the group small enough to be personal, providing valuable feedback and encouragement to confidently pursue further writing on one's own. It was a week well spent and worth the travel to beautiful Cape Cod."
—Professor Alice M. Lambert, MA, Director of Graduate Art Studies, Anna Maria College

"Challenge, craft, charisma, coffee, and a croissant...Shrayer is a brilliant teacher and writer coaxing his students towards their full potential. Each day our workshop leader helped us to overcome our individual hurdles. Shrayer is a master of his craft and a charismatic gentleman under whose microscopic scrutiny one finds the potential to identify a tone for a story, or how to bring the reader into the scene."
—Annie Dugan, RN

"The discussions were rich and rewarding, always focused on the art and science of writing creative non-fiction. Maxim D. Shrayer is an exacting teacher, with high expectations and incisive insights and suggestions. I felt both challenged and supported in my efforts to refine my writing, and to try new ways to tell a story. Dr. Shrayer held the workshop in his home in South Chatham, a serene and beautiful place. He and his family were most gracious hosts, keeping us well nourished as well as intellectually rewarded."
—Thomas Barber, MD

"I have been to other writer workshops, and this one stood out because of the quality of the program as well as the opportunities for individualized attention. I look forward to next year!"
—Kristin Gallagher, JD

The South Chatham Writers' Workshop Board

Dr. Maxim D. Shrayer, Artistic Director
Dr. Karen E. Lasser, Chair of the Board
Mr. Maxim Mussel, Member of the Board

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