Recent Books

Immigrant Baggage

Стихи из айпада
(Stikhi iz Aipada,
Poems from the iPad;
in Russian)

Of Politcs and Pandemics: Songs of a Russian Immigrant

A Russian Immigrant: Three Novellas

Soviet Phantoms Vacation in Chile: A Family Travelogue

Voices of Jewish-Russian Literature

With or Without You: The Prospect for Jews in Today's Russia

Leaving Russia:
A Jewish Story

I Saw It: Ilya Selvinsky
and the Legacy of Bearing
Witness to the Shoah

Yom Kippur in Amsterdam

Waiting for America:
A Story of Emigration

Other Books, Author and Editor

The Parallel Universes of David Shrayer-Petrov, with Roman Katsman and Klavdia Smola

Doctor Levitin: novel by David Shrayer-Petrov, ed. and cotr. Maxim D. Shrayer

An Anthology of Jewish-Russian Literature

Russian Poet / Soviet Jew

(also available: iBook

The World of Nabokov's Stories

(also available: iBook)

A Dinner with Stalin and Other Stories, by David Shrayer-Petrov, ed. Maxim D. Shrayer

Autumn in Yalta: A Novel and Three Stories, by David Shrayer-Petrov, ed. Maxim D. Shrayer

Jonah and Sarah: Jewish Stories of Russia and America, by David Shrayer-Petrov, ed. Maxim D. Shrayer

Books in Russian

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